Radar Demo Kits Cover 2.4-GHz ISM Band

Radar Demo Kits Cover 2.4-GHz ISM Band
Pasternak Enterprises Inc.

The PEM11000-KIT and PEM11002-KIT radar demonstration kits cover the 2.4-GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band with no special licensing required. The kits offer a convenient educational resource to study and experiment with microwave radar fundamental theory and principles making it ideal for classroom instruction and research and development projects. Experimental radar operating modes are selectable for CW, FMSW, or Doppler. Output waveforms can be set for single tone, frequency ramp, or sawtooth. Each kit contains all digital and RF hardware including a radar board with integrated speaker and signal indicator. A tunable signal filter is also included to allow for design and implementation of customized passive or active filtering. For more details and specs, go to https://www.pasternack.com/pages/RF-Microwave-and-Millimeter-Wave-Products/radar-demonstration-kit.html

Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
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