Rad Tolerant 5V Multiplexers Suit Up For Space Flight Systems

Rad Tolerant 5V Multiplexers Suit Up For Space Flight Systems
Intersil Corp.

Expanding the company’s portfolio of radiation tolerant multiplexers, the single-supply 5V 16-channel ISL71830SEH and 32-channel ISL71831SEH multiplexers address the growing trend toward reduced system voltage rails. They provide enhanced 5kV ESD protection that eliminates the need for external protection diodes on the input pins. Both multiplexers specify an on resistance of 120Ω and propagation delays of less than 100 ns. They also offer over-voltage protection on a per-switch basis to maintain the continuous processing of hundreds of telemetry test points. If any input channel experiences an over-voltage condition, the remaining channels continue sending data to the ADC. Both multiplexers provide a “cold spare” redundant capability, allowing the connection of two or three additional unpowered multiplexers to a common data bus. For more information on the ISL71830SEH and ISL71831SEH multiplexers and evaluation boards, visit http://www.intersil.com/products/isl71830seh

Intersil Corp.
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