Quarter Brick Eyes DOSA Apps

Quarter Brick Eyes DOSA Apps

DOSA compatible, the UWQ 240W quarter-brick dc/dc converter targets wireless backhaul, smart grid, and a broad range of networking and telecomm applications. It accepts a wide 3:1 input from 18 to 60 Vdc around a nominal 48 Vdc and delivers a single, fixed 12-Vdc/20A output. Measuring 58.4 mm x 36.8 mm x 11.7 mm, the UWQ-12/20-T48 has a typical efficiency of 92% and up to three units can operate in parallel to provide redundancy or load sharing. A datasheet is available at http://www.murata-ps.com/data/power/uwq.pdf. Pricing is in the $35 range for volume production quantities with lead-times from stock to 12 weeks.

Murata Electronics North America, Inc.
Smyrna, GA
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