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High-Voltage DAC

The iCMOS AD5764 from Analog Devices, Inc., Norwood, MA, is a quad, serial-input, bipolar, voltage-output DAC with 16-bit resolution, 1 LSB INL, 1 LSB DNL, and gain and offset calibration to <1 mV. It features 4 high-accuracy, 16-bit DACs with ±10 V tolerances, and includes an onchip 3 ppm/°C reference, reference buffers, low-headroom/wide-swing amplifier, temperature sensor, power-on reset, power on/off output control, and I/O lines. The DAC is designed for precision industrial and medical equipment producers. (800-262-5643,

Flow Monitoring System

The SONARtrac from CiDRA Corp., Wallingford, CT, uses an array of sensors clamped on a pipe to measure real-time volumetric flow and amount of entrained air/gas present in any liquid, continuous-phase process fluid. The system also provides a measurement of the liquid portion of the flow by compensating for entrained air/gas in the process line. Flow velocity range is from 3–30 fps with ±0.5% of reading accuracy (with calibration), ±1% typical. Repeatability is ±0.3% of reading. Entrained air/gas range is from 0%–20%. (203-265-0035,

Solid-State Accelerometer

The Model SSA-100 from Columbia Research Labs., Inc., Woodlyn, PA, is a solid-state silicon accelerometer available in ±2 or ±10 g ranges. Its frequency response is factory set at DC to 100 kHz with wideband response versions available. Features include electrical connections made directly to solder terminals or via integral attached shielded cables, military-grade packaging techniques, and a rugged lightweight case design. (800-813-8471, [email protected],

Flow, Temperature Sensor

The calorimetric CoolGuard flow-captor from Weber Sensors Inc., Woodstock, GA, monitors flow rate and temperature of the flowing medium and is designed as a replacement for mechanical flow switches. The CoolGuard has no moving parts, can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and provides a solid-state switch if flow is lost or temperature is exceeded. Low flow set point is 0.3 m/s, high-temperature set point is 50°C or 70°C, response time is 5–10 s, and repeatability is <0.5%. (770-592-6630,

Thermocouple Monitoring System

Tidal Engineering Corp., Randolph, NJ, now offers its TCweb 16-channel thermocouple monitoring system with Modbus TCP. The TCweb supports Type J, E, K, R, S, T, B, N, and C thermocouples with 0.1°C display resolution. Sampling rate is up to 16 sps with values reported as °F or °C. Features include built-in cold junction compensation, 2 D/A output channels, a Form C alarm relay, a built-in Web server, and a built-in 10Base-T Ethernet port or optional fax modem. (973-328-1181, [email protected],

Mini pH, Temperature Recorder

The PHTEMP101 from MadgeTech, Inc., Warner, NH, is a 4.5 × 2.4 × 1.0 in. device that can take fully automatic pH and temperature NIST-calibrated measurements for up to 1 yr. and can be controlled from a PC. The recorder accepts all popular pH probes (via BNC) and 4-wire RTD inputs, can record up to 13,107 measurements/ channel, and has measuring ranges of 0.00–14.00 pH with 0.01 pH resolution and –200°C to 850°C with 0.01°C resolution. (603-456-2011, [email protected],

Current Sensors

ACS754/5 family Hall-effect current sensors from Allegro MicroSystems, Inc., Worcester, MA, are available in 50, 100, 130, 150, and 200 A versions in both industrial and automotive temperature ranges. The bidirectional ACS754 and single-direction ACS755 sensors provide 3 kV isolation, single voltage supply operation, 100 μΩ of resistance in the current path, and better than 1% accuracy at 25°C. The sensors incorporate a precision linear Hall IC optimized to an internal magnetic circuit for improved sensitivity. (508-853-5000,

Mini Humidity Transmitters

Model HX-772 Series transmitters from Ohmic Instruments Co., Easton, MD, measure RH from 0%–100%, dew point from –40°F to 140°F, or absolute humidity from 0–200 g/m3. Features include advanced digital zero and span adjustment, completely sealed electronics, and a microcontrolled thin-film sensor that fully recovers from condensation. The device is programmable for easy field calibration. (800-626-7713, [email protected] .com,

ZigBee Development Platform

The PICDEM Z 2.4 GHz demonstration kit from Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, supports the ZigBee standard for wirelessly networked control and monitoring applications, providing hardware and a free ZigBee protocol software stack. The company also offers >30 PIC18 8-bit microcontrollers that support the ZigBee software stack and feature low-power operation and Flash memory. The kit uses the company's PIC18LF4620 microcontroller and incorporates Chipcon's CC2420 2.4 GHz RF transceiver. (888-628-6247,

Psychrometer Series

Extech Instruments Corp., Waltham, MA, offers the RH300, RH350, and RH401 psychrometers for differential temperature and humidity measurements for HVAC/R, mold prevention/remediation, and plant maintenance applications. The psychrometers simultaneously display wet bulb, dew point, RH, and air temperature as well as various differential measurements. The RH401 incorporates a noncontact IR thermometer to calculate the surface temperature-dew point differential. The company is ISO 9001 certified. (781-890-7440, [email protected],

ZigBee Development Tools

Helicomm, Inc., Carlsbad, CA, offers ZigBee-ready development tools and wireless products, including its ZigBee-ready signal generator for IEEE 802.15.4 IC and product design verification, EZ-Net DevKit integrated embedded ZigBee networking development kit, and IP-Link 1200 2.4 GHz embedded wireless module. The EZ-Net DevKit is available in 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz versions and includes wireless modules, mesh networking software, and management software. The IP-Link 1200 is an FCC-certified wireless module that incorporates an IEEE 802.15.4–compliant 2.4 GHz RF IC, microcontroller, ZigBee networking software, and antenna. (760-918-0856, [email protected],

Handheld Air Velocity Monitor

The VELOPORT 20 from E+E Elektronik GmbH, Engerwitzdorf, Austria, lets you perform portable air velocity and temperature measurements in HVAC installations, ventilation ducts, and cleanrooms. Based on the company's hot-film anemometer sensor, the VELOPORT 20 is accurate even for air speeds <0.5 m/s. Two probes are available for ranges 0–2 m/s and 0–20 m/s, respectively; they also measure air temperature from 0°C–50°C. The monitor also features a large illuminated display, rugged housing, and one-hand thumbwheel. (43-7235-605-0, [email protected],

High Pressure Sensor

The P12000 Series from Polaron Components Ltd., Watford, U.K., is a thin-film strain gauge–based pressure sensor suited to medium- to high-pressure applications such as hydraulic systems, which are prone to large pressure spikes. The sensor features a robust diaphragm, accuracy of better than ±1% F.S. over a wide temperature range, and measurement ranges from 5–700 bar. Standard outputs are 5 V, 10 V, and 4–20 mA; others are available on request. (44 (0)1923-495536, [email protected],

Liquid-Level Monitoring System

VolumeMetrics Series systems from TechnoResearch, Inc., Royal Oak, MI, monitor liquid level in tanks and are optimized for liquid depths of 1.5–60 in. The systems use time of flight of an ultrasonic pulse to determine depth, submerging a sensor in the liquid to be measured and attaching it to a vertical tube to damp the liquid motion. Resolution is from ±0.001 in. to ±0.01 in., depending on model. Computer interface is RS-232 and Bluetooth. (248-658-1800, [email protected],

Ethernet Control Modules

WebIO from Saelig Co. Inc., Pittsford, NY, is a system of control modules that connect via RS-485 to a central controller, which then uploads the data to company intranet/Internet servers to let you view status information remotely. The BIT2000 central controller has a built-in Soft-PLC and can accept up to 256 modules for analog or digital I/O. It transmits Web pages and can also function as a DOS PC or PLC. Peripheral modules include 4-line universal I/O; 0–10 V, 10-bit analog output; and 2-channel analog input modules. (585-385-1750, [email protected],

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The ultrasonic flowmeter from IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, simultaneously monitors flow rate and detects fluid temperature of water in process control applications. The ~4 × 4 in. meter mounts directly in pipes that are 1 in. dia. or less; it uses the differential transit time principle and displays water flow rate, total quantity accumulated, and temperature. The 4-wire DC meters are available in ranges of 0–13.2 gpm, 0–25.4 gpm, 0–50 lpm, and 0–100 lpm. (800-441-8246, [email protected],

High-Voltage Voltage/Current DAC

The HVDAC from Goal Semiconductor, Montreal, Canada, is a high-voltage, 4-channel, 9-bit, serially configurable voltage/current DAC. The device can operate in either current or voltage mode, and its output range is controlled by a low-voltage reference input. Each channel includes a 5-bit output offset adjustment; output range is adjustable from 20–200 V, and max. output current is 500 μA and 5 mA. Channels include overcurrent limit protection. Communication is via SPI. (800-943-4625,

IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee SoC

Chipcon AS, Oslo, Norway, offers the CC2430, a single chip that combines the company's CC2420 IEEE 802.15.4-compliant and ZigBee-ready RF transceiver with an 8051 microcontroller, 128 KB of Flash memory, and 8 KB of RAM, among other features. Targeted for applications such as building automation, industrial monitoring and control, and wireless sensor networks, the SoC also includes A/D conversion, several timers, an AES-128 coprocessor, USARTs, a watchdog timer, a sleep-mode timer, power-on-reset, brown-out detection, and 21 programmable I/O pins. (47-22-95-85-44, [email protected],

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