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Temperature, Process Controllers

Kaif Digital, Scottsdale, AZ, offers the wMPC Series of 4- or 7-zone wall-mount temperature and process controllers. Controllers accept a range of temperature and process inputs with inputs individually configurable for each zone. Scaling and offset for current and voltage signals are user programmable. Other features include multiple display modes, a large LED display, and a choice of multiple control modes (on/off, PID, and heat/cool). Each zone has its own ramp and soak profile or a manual set point. (480-607-3100, x-201,

UV Sensor for Adhesive Dispensing

The UVX-300G from EMX Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH, is a UV luminescence sensor designed to detect glue and adhesives in assembly and manufacturing processes. As feedback to a control system, the sensor can measure the amount of applied glue as well as check for gaps in dispensing, excess glue, and clogged nozzles. Features include 350 mm operating distance, 6 kHz feedback response time, 5 user-selectable gain settings, and readings from 0–99. (800-426-9912, [email protected],

Industrial pH Probe

SensIrOx, Inc., Columbus, OH, offers the INpHO probe for pH measurement in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. The sensor has a stable response over a wide pH range, achieved by an oxide layer deposited on an iridium indicator electrode. Should you need a combination electrode, an optional silver/silver chloride reference electrode is available, mounted in the same robust package. You can also have a polymer coating applied to both indicator and reference electrodes to decrease interference from reducing agents. (614-985-0667, [email protected],

L-Shaped Throughbeam

The BWL from Balluff Inc., Florence, KY, combines a prealigned IR emitter and receiver in a rugged, zinc-plated steel L-shaped housing and resists multiple impacts without loss of function. The IR light can cut through heavily contaminated air. Three sizes are offered, with optical axes from 22–42 mm. Sensors feature a response time ≤0.5 ms, 1000 Hz switching frequency, and an IP67 rating. (800-543-8390, [email protected],

Wireless Remote Monitoring System

The Skymetry wireless remote monitoring device from Sensaphone, Inc., Aston, PA, monitors critical fluid storage, flowmeters, water levels, timers, temperature, power levels, and alarms at industrial and chemical plants and other facilities. When hazardous environmental conditions occur, the system automatically alerts facility managers. Features include 8 dry inputs, 6 analog inputs, built-in power failure detection, and 2 relay outputs. Skymetry software for Windows lets you access the Web site to status and alarm history as well as program the unit or control outputs. (877-373-2700,

Multichannel RF ICs

Chipcon AS, Oslo, Norway, offers its SmartRF 04 CC2500 multichannel RF transceiver and CC2550 multichannel RF transmitter, which operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band and are designed for use in wireless mice, keyboards, game controllers, headsets, and other consumer applications. The CC2500 draws as little as 12–14 mA (receive mode) and 21.8 mA (transmit mode) at 0 dBm. Sensitivity is –101 dBm at 10 Kbps and –90 dBm at 250 Kbps. The CC2550 draws 21.8 mA at 0 dBm (transmit mode) and 12.2 mA at –12 dBm. (47-22-95-85-44, [email protected],

Inspection Sensor

The efector dualis from IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, uses contour evaluation to monitor for missing or good/bad parts, correct orientation, and right part/wrong part. The sensor is used with an IR light source to provide pass/fail indication. The light source illuminates the components, and the sensor evaluates its silhouette and compares it with the preset contour. Features include a CMOS image processor, DSP, and integrated electronics in a 42 × 42 mm die-cast housing. (800-441-8246, [email protected],

Industrial Pressure Transducer

The Model 209 from Setra Systems, Inc., Boxborough, MA, is 1.62 in. dia. × 2.24 in. long and is suitable for use in various applications, including hydrogen fuel-cell development, OEM, industrial, and HVAC. The transducer has a SS/Valox housing, SS wetted parts, and a choice of cable or optional Hirschmann or Packard termination. Pressure ranges are from 0–1 psig up to 0–10,000 psig with ±0.25% F.S. accuracy, 0.10% hysteresis, 0.5% F.S./yr. stability, and 0.5–5.5 VDC or 4–20 mA output. (800-257-3872, [email protected]m,

Wireless Ethernet Module

WinSystems, Inc., Arlington, TX, offers the PPM-Wireless PC/104-Plus module, which provides a high-speed 802.11b and 802.11g industrial data network based on MiniPCI wireless modules and Ethernet communications. The module contains interface electronics and a MiniPCI connector, and is 90 × 96 mm. An empty MiniPCI socket lets you install your own cards from Intel, Broadcom, Foxconn (Atheros), or others or use an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG MiniPCI card installed by the company. (817-274-7553, [email protected],

Wireless Mesh Router

The EnRoute 400 from Sensoria Corp., San Diego, CA, is a COTS wireless mesh router that provides wireless broadband for emergency response, homeland security, military, and industrial applications. The router uses the company's WirelessFabric mesh communications software, a radio-independent wireless networking software suite that lets each router route and repeat network traffic to create a wireless VPN for peer-to-peer and peer-to-many communication. The router supports IP, multiple radios, and bridges to other networks. (858-674-4460,

Wireless M2M Network System

The rf2IP system from eDevice SA, Merignac, France, is a wireless local network connected to the Internet that enables remote wireless communication with probes, relay controls, electricity meters, or other electronic installations. Each device to be connected to the rf2IP network is equipped with an eDnode radio node, which in turn communicates with an eDgate gateway. The gateway handles and manages the radio network and interfacing with POTS/PSTN, LAN, or GPRS networks via TCP/IP. (33-556-12-77-77,; in the U.S., contact the French Technology Press Office, Chicago, IL, 312-327-5270, [email protected])

Motion ICs with CANBus Interface

Magellan motion processors from Performance Motion Devices (PMD), Inc., Lincoln, MA, are offered in single-IC/single-axis or 2-IC/multiaxis versions and directly support a CANbus interface. The processors are designed for distributed control applications and are offered in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-axis configurations. They control DC brush, DC brushless, microstepping, and pulse and direction motors and provide profile generation, servo loop closure, PLC-style signal manipulation, and motor signal generation. (781-674-9860, [email protected],

Vibration Calibration System

The MMF VC-110 from Scantek, Inc., Columbia, MD, provides full, traceable calibration of accelerometers for both sensitivity and frequency response. The system measures frequency response and features a built-in signal conditioner with transducer sensitivity display, a built-in accumulator for mobile use, test amplitude of 1 m/s2 rms, vibration frequency measurement from 70 Hz to 10 kHz, internal memory for test results, and an RS-232 interface for PC-controlled calibration. (800-224-3813, [email protected],

USB Sensor Link

The Model 90386 USB Sensor Link from Sensor Developments Inc., Lake Orion, MI, is a USB-compatible interface for strain gauge–based sensors.

The device powers and converts a strain gauge–based sensor input into a USB 2.0–compatible signal. In addition to monitoring and storing data for force and torque sensors, the device can also measure and record pressure, displacement, simultaneous angle, or speed measurements for horsepower monitoring. (248-391-3000, [email protected],

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