Popular UAV Antennas Get A Facelift

Popular UAV Antennas Get A Facelift

Mountain RF Sensors is now offering its MtRF-6000 series antennas with direct-mount capability. The antenna comes bonded to a circular 1/8" thick Vinylester FRP mount with six mounting holes. Allegedly, this greatly simplifies installation on ground or air platforms and allows users to flush mount the antenna with no additional hardware. The MRFS-6000 series antennas are annular-slot designs that provide frequency coverage exceeding a decade. They are vertically polarized with an omnidirectional azimuth pattern. The flush mounting produces almost zero aerodynamic drag. The antennas are covert, giving little clue as to the purpose or frequency range. Combined with small size and low weight, the antennas are ideal for SIGINT and COMINT applications on UAV platforms. Five models are available to cover frequencies from 5 MHz to 1 GHz.

Mountain RF Sensors Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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