Popular EtherHaul Radio Extends Range

Emerging regulations in the US and UK are opening new license-exempt frequencies for Siklu’s EH-600 Hundred Series radios, extending their range by 50%. The extended frequency range model of the EH-600 PtP 60-GHz series, the EH-614TX, operates over the entire 14-Ghz band with a single SKU.


The EH-614TX will typically reach 50% further operating in the 64 to 71 GHz band, when compared to links deployed in the 57- to 64-GHz section. The frequency expansion also allows EH-614TX to tune to a wider choice of frequencies, providing additional spectrum for dense deployments.


This extension of the frequency and distance range for the EH-614TX comes in the same small form factor with integrated antenna as the EH-600 series (16.7 cm x 16.7 cm x 10.2 cm). This allows street level deployments on poles and other fixtures. For greater illumination, visit Siklu.

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