Phoenix Datacom Named as "Partner of the Year" for 2013 by Xena Networks

COPENHAGEN - Xena Networks has named UK-based Phoenix Datacom as its "Partner of the Year" for its consistent sales success, technical expertise and professional approach to business.

"It wasn't a hard decision," says Jacob Nielsen, CEO at Xena Networks. "Phoenix Datacom has been a solid partner for us over the years, and choosing it as our Partner of the Year for 2013 is our small way to honoring its long-term commitment to Xena Networks."

John Carson, Managing Director of Phoenix Datacom, said, "We enjoy a very healthy working relationship with our colleagues at Xena Networks, and are delighted to receive the Partner of the Year award. In these challenging times, it is very pleasing to receive this type of recognition of our sales results from one of our key partners."

Located just north-west of London, Phoenix Datacom is regarded as the UK's most technically competent IT solutions and services provider in the challenging field of networking and infrastructure. This is backed up by a highly professional approach to business which means always following up and attending to the details whilst never losing sight of the big picture.

"When we started out, the Gigabit Ethernet test and measurement industry was dominated by a couple of major players. So we knew we needed more than just a great product - we also needed top-level partners," explains Jacob Nielsen. "In that respect, Phoenix Datacom has been a huge asset for us in the UK. It has an excellent reputation and an impressive customer base which has responded very positively to Xena's products."

Phoenix Datacom joined Xena as a partner in 2010 and has proven to be an extremely competent and consistent partner. Its expertise has also benefited Xena's other partners by sharing business intelligence and technical tips that have frequently opened the right door or closed the sale.

"When we're planning new features or fine-tuning our business model, we've learnt the value of discussing it with our colleagues at Phoenix Datacom first. Often they have suggestions and feedback which make all the difference by helping us get it right the first time," states Jacob Nielsen. "They are also just a really nice bunch of people - easy to work with, and blessed with a generous helping of British humour."

Carson went on to say, "As demand for Ethernet traffic generation continues to rise, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a forward thinking and agile partner in Xena Networks - a partner that is easy to do business with, and that is very quick to adapt to the needs of the market."

"Xena looks forward to continuing its relationship with Phoenix Datacom in 2014. This will be a landmark year for us in terms of product development as we move into testing further up the OSI model," concludes Jacob Nielsen. "With partners like Phoenix to help us, we are confident it will be a huge success."

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