Pasternack Enters a Private-Label Agreement with Ducommun Incorporated

IRVINE, CA -- Pasternack Enterprises, Inc. signed an agreement with Ducommun Incorporated to private-label manufacture select Ducommun RF products under the Pasternack brand. This new partnership provides customers with urgent RF product needs access to a greater offering of industry-leading components through Pasternack with 24/7 sales support, online purchasing and same-day shipping.

Under the terms of this private-label agreement, Pasternack will now offer greater selections of in-stock and ready to ship portfolios of coaxial electromechanical switches, PIN diode switches, various waveguide components, as well as millimeter wave amplifiers.

"In an effort to better support both our current and new development customers, we want our products to be conveniently available, and Pasternack offers them easy, around-the-clock access," said Anthony J. Reardon, chairman and chief executive officer of Ducommun. "In addition, the agreement expands Ducommun's reach to RF customers in such industries as medical, research and development, and colleges and universities."

"At Pasternack, our goal is to serve as the RF engineer's single source for urgently needed RF products around the globe," says Terry G. Jarnigan, Chief Executive Officer at Pasternack. "Our partnership with Ducommun expands Pasternack's already vast selection of in-stock RF products, while ensuring we continue to maintain the components engineer's need when they need them."

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