Optelian Expands Transponder Portfolio with High-Density 10G OTN Solution

OTTAWA, Ontario and MARIETTA, GA -- Optical networking solution provider Optelian announces the expansion of its transponder/regenerator portfolio with the introduction of the RGN-8040 quad 10G multiservice Optical Transport Network (OTN) card.

With eight 10G interfaces supporting a variety of independent application services, each with OTN encapsulation, forward error correction, and full service awareness, this card is the ideal solution for enabling service providers to push service provisioning to the network edge. The RGN-8040 is designed with extended temperature range for outside plant operation, and NEBS-qualification for carrier-grade service delivery.

"Our RGN-8040 10G transponder/regenerator provides a solution for telecom service providers who are looking to support a comprehensive set of applications for access service demarcation and reach extension. This product has been optimized for environmentally challenging installations," says Optelian CTO Sheldon Walklin.

Service providers demand a network infrastructure that provides full service capability and performance, while maintaining the highest reliability and cost-effectiveness. The RGN-8040 delivers on that promise; a single card that is provisionable to enable a variety of independent per-port service functions via Optelian's FLEXManager GUI-based point-and-click management system. Reliability and service awareness are assured with fully-featured performance monitoring, 1+1 protection, and hardware support for in-band management. Industry-standard SFP+ tunable optics are utilized.

The card is ideal for a variety of applications from private line to business services to wholesale and overlay architectures. Supported services range from data center and storage protocols to 10G Ethernet LAN/WAN, OC-192/STM-64 and OTN (OTU2/OTU2e). For extended reach, the RGN-8040 provides full signal regeneration transparently or with OTN, and a variety of FEC options.

This latest transponder product was designed and developed using Optelian's collaborative customer engagement model, whereby Optelian personnel work closely with key customer architecture and planning teams. This ensures that design decisions are directly related to solving the customer's business and operational challenges. The result is a product designed for ease of deployment in multi-vendor environments that delivers the required application services with service awareness, and operates anywhere in a cost-effective manner.

The RGN-8040 joins Optelian's very successful portfolio of CircuitFLEX service delivery cards, further expanding the Layer 1 service offering. All members of the family are supported by Optelian's OMS portfolio of modular platforms and the FLEXManager network management solution.

For more information, visit http://www.optelian.com

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