Next Gen ZigBee Chip and Modules Eye Smart Home Networks

Next Gen ZigBee Chip and Modules Eye Smart Home Networks
GreenPeak Technologies

The GP691 ZigBee communication controller chip and GPM6000 integrated ZigBee Modules target Smart Home and IoT networks and devices. The GP691 communications controller provides IEEE Standard 802.15.4-compliant robust spread spectrum data communication in the worldwide 2.4 GHz band and is capable of running the full stack and application for ZigBee applications, including ZHA and ZLL profiles. It features a radio transceiver, real-time MAC (Medium Access Control) processor, micro-controller, security engine, 16 KB RAM, and 248 KB Flash memory. The company partnered with USI, Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, to develop the GPM6000 integrated module for the GP691 that reduces product design company’s time to market without having to solve RF product integration or international wireless certification challenges. The 25 mm x 17 mm x 2.5 mm pre-integrated, pre-certified module adds a power stage/LNA providing up to 20 dBm output power, transmit and receive circuitry, and an integrated antenna plus a connector for a second external antenna.

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