New intelligent electrical infrastructure connects SuperSocket, SuperSwitch and SuperFixture modules with software

NEW YORK -- N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York-based technology company, is developing a new intelligent electrical platform that can universally convert existing electrical systems into advanced communications and control networks for any office, commercial building, home, or industrial facility.

N2 can provide dramatic energy savings, while also offering a wide array of safe, cost-efficient and user-friendly applications. N2's patent-pending uSocket™, uSwitch™ and uFixture™ modules allow for additional uSnap™ components under N2's unique SuperModule™ program. N2 will use its patent-pending technology to replace or supplement broadband and wireless communication networks from telecom and tech giants like AT&T, Verizon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

"The N2 uSocket™ outlet is the foundation of an exciting, new electrical infrastructure that will allow users to manage their universe through a unique, wireless sensor network that makes smart products even smarter," according to Karl P. Kilb III, President and CEO. "N2's uSocket™ outlet is the first to measure and monitor energy consumption at the load source. The uSocket™, uSwitch™ and uFixture™ modules allow components to be snapped on, seamlessly incorporating multimedia, safety and security features in the same space behind the wall. N2 is ideal for new construction and retro-fitting older buildings to modernize them, and the uSnap™ (snap-on) modules will make continuous upgrades easy going forward."

N2's patent-pending smart sockets, switches, and fixtures will meet all global standards and incorporate standard three-wire connectivity, as well as tamper-proof hardware, which allows users to easily install and child-proof them. N2 is working toward the 'Holy Grail' of energy plug load reduction and energy automation.

Standard and upgradeable embedded N2 sensors will detect and respond to electrical and optical signals, temperature, humidity, moisture, gas leaks, vibration and sound, providing users with unique levels of data collection, remote control, remote monitoring, status tracking, safety and security, as well as delivery of multimedia content.

N2's patent-pending technology goes well beyond anything that is currently on the market by truly combining the "Internet of Things" through its innovative, proprietary hardware and software. While some companies offer remote control of thermostats and security systems, these existing applications are limited, depend upon a viable broadband or telecom network, and are not linked to a building's own electric system.

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