New Environmental Monitoring System by CPI Helps Prevent Downtime in Data Centers

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- The new Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System from Chatsworth Products (CPI) allows data center managers to resolve environmental problems in equipment rooms and data centers before they cause downtime by providing real-time monitoring of critical conditions.

CPI's RIM System monitors, records and analyzes environmental, security and safety conditions of equipment in a single server cabinet or row of cabinets, providing data center managers flexibility and ease-of-mind.

The RIM System's flexible, expandable design offers a variety of sensor inputs, including temperature, humidity and water leak detection, with the capability to be remotely monitored and integrated with a Building Management System (BMS).

Multiple remote early-warning alarm notifications about these critical conditions provide data center managers enough time to take action.

"Data centers are becoming more integrated with the need to monitor environmental conditions in order to protect their equipment and guarantee 100 percent uptime. In simple terms, with the monitoring and direct alarm notification capabilities of CPI's RIM System, it is possible to get a timely resolution of critical problems before they cause downtime," stated Anderson Hungria, Sr. Product Manager of Power, Electronics Software for CPI.

Two different configurations are available, in addition to a RIM Protocol Converter. The RIM-750 monitors a single cabinet or small equipment room, while the RIM-1000 monitors a row of high-density cabinets or small computer room. The RIM Protocol Converter can be used to integrate existing Modbus equipment to the BMS.

The RIM System includes:

• Web-accessible with an easy-to-use mobile-friendly web interface that displays sensor readings and trends
• Monitors eight digital inputs and four temperature or temperature/humidity sensors and one zone of leak detection with up to 200 feet of Sensor Rope
• Multiple alarm notification configurations including audible and visible indicators, email messaging and/or relay activation

• Configurable with expansion cards for a large number of sensor inputs
• Provides one integrated view of all facility equipment and sends SNMP traps, email or SMS alarm notifications according to user-set thresholds
• Stores data internally, so there is no need for additional equipment or software to store or access data

RIM Protocol Converter
• Multiple input and output protocols allow easy integration with a wide variety of equipment
• Connects up to 32 devices (units, modules or nodes)
• Communications with building management and network management systems

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