MMIC Mixers Slice Conversion Losses

Custom MMIC’s latest IP3 fundamental mixers, the CMD253C3, CMD254C3, and CMD255C3, feature overlapping RF/LO frequencies spanning 6 GHz to 26 GHz. Each model is described as demonstrating low conversion loss high IP3, high isolation, and wide IF bandwidth.


They are suitable for use as upconverters and downconverters in demanding military, aerospace, and telecommunications applications operating in the C-band, X-band, Ku-band, and K-band frequencies. Conversion loss for these mixers is as low as 6 dB, with LO to RF isolation as high as 48 dB. Moreover, this device series offers a LO to IF isolation that reaches 44 dB, and an RF to IF isolation as high as 30 dB. These mixers are extremely linear, with input P2dB figures typically around 15 dBm, and an input IP3 as high as 24 dBm.


Each of the mixers can operate with LO drive levels as low as +15dB. With the addition of external hybrids and power splitters, these devices can be configured as image reject mixers or single sideband modulators. Additionally, performance is extremely stable from -40 to +85. The device come in 3 mm x 3 mm quad QFN surface-mount packages that and can be soldered using standard solder reflow processes. If this excites you, more information and datasheets are available.


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