Mitsubishi Electric taps Murata for turnkey wireless solution

Smyrna, GA --- Murata Americas was selected to develop a custom designed turnkey wireless adaptor for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating’s ductless cooling systems. The Wireless System Manager (WSM) device acts as a bridge to enable reliable, cost efficient connectivity to the kumo cloud™, a proprietary service that allows users to control their cooling and heating systems from their mobile devices. Murata’s solution is unique in that several highly technological components and ICs are bundled together in one concise end-device, specifically:

-Microprocessor (MCU)
-Encryption IC connected to the MCU via an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
-Two-megabyte serial flash connected to the MCU via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
-26 MHz crystal that drives the MCU
-Pads for future MFi applications
-Several LED connections for signaling purposes

Murata worked closely with Mitsubishi Electric to develop the WSB device. The end-result is a solution that delivers a connection over a local network as well as to the cloud, wireless pairing functionality, remote reset capabilities, and a streamlined display.

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