Millimeter-Wave Converters Free Up Board Space

Millimeter-Wave Converters Free Up Board Space

The company’s latest series of active upconverter (BUC Series) and downconverter (BDC Series) millimeter-wave assemblies (MMWAs) can be custom tailored to frequencies up to 120 GHz. Housed in modules as small as 4” x 4” x 1.5”, the units save significant system real estate. Each unit integrates amplification, mixing, and filtering functions and comes connectorized for easy installation. Available models of BUC upconverters offer 25 dB to 40 dB of Gain over a 4-GHz to 10-GHz bandwidth. Models of BDC downconverters feature 4 GHz to 10 GHz of bandwidth with gain as high as 35 dB. Each offers VSWR <1.8:1. In addition to multiple frequency bands from 50 to 120 GHz, each series offers a choice of gain figure, output power, and noise figure. Several other custom electrical and packaging options are also available.

Millitech Inc.
Northampton, MA

Smiths Microwave
Stuart, FL

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