MicroPnP Touted As the World's First Plug-and-Play Internet of Things platform based on

Hannover, Germany --- MicroPnP is based on SmartMesh IP™ embedded networking and uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to realize zero-configuration wireless sensing and actuation at a significantly lower price point than traditional wired solutions. MicroPnP is a complete IoT hardware and software platform that dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for sensing and control systems. MicroPnP provides a unique value proposition:

• True plug-and-play identification of sensors and actuators at 10 million times lower power than USB.
• Ultra-reliable networking through SmartMesh IP™ from Linear technology (>99.999% end-to-end reliability).
• Industry-grade security from the embedded sensor to the cloud.
• A decade of battery lifetime, with accurate real time tracking of energy reserves across the entire network.
• Flexible usage models: integrate MicroPnP in your network through ‘sensing as a product’, or consume data through ‘sensing as a service’.

These features have been achieved through a decade of industrial and academic research. MicroPnP won third place in the 2015 IPSO challenge and was nominated for the 2016 IoT hardware awards.

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