MetroLinq 60 Base Station Sector Embarks As World's First Commercial 60-GHz Point-to-Multipoint Broadband System

IRVINE, CA – IgniteNet announces the MetroLinq 60 Base Station Sector today – the world's first commercial 60GHz point to multipoint system. This new expansion of the MetroLinq product family allows for unprecedented cost points for deploying Gigabit connections worldwide and builds on IgniteNet's continued commitment to deliver high performance connections at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

The outdoor MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector is the world's first 60GHz Multipoint Sector available on the market. The MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector enables high capacity connections to multiple endpoints in the world-wide unlicensed 60GHz band, allowing ultra-fast deployment without the hassle of other frequency bands requiring a license. The MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector also includes a second 5GHz radio which acts as a backup on a client by client basis to provide integrated redundancy without any additional hardware or complexity!

The MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector can operate either as a stand-alone device or as a coordinated, cloud- managed device, easily meeting the requirements of any installation. The MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector features a hybrid metal/plastic design built to withstand the harshest environments including precipitation, hot/cold weather and high/low humidity regions.

The MetroLinq™ family of products ushers in a new era of affordable, ultra high-speed connections that are perfect for next generation networks requiring high throughput and low latency such as Gigabit to the home/business, video surveillance including 4k cameras, and other similar applications – in many cases saving up to 90% the cost of traditional methods. In addition, the MetroLinq™ solutions thrive in high density environments where products in other unlicensed bands (900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz) are unable to operate due to ever-increasing interference.

The MetroLinq™ 60 Base Station Sector is a perfect addition to the IgniteNet portfolio of products and continues IgniteNet's goal of providing the world with low-cost, high quality, ultra-fast network connections and services through innovation. Together with Cloud-managed wireless access points, switches, and fiber solutions, IgniteNet provides the most cost-effective and performant networking solutions available on the market today.

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