The MES Revolution: The New Critical Manufacturing 5.0 Re-defines Plant Interfaces

Porto, PORTUGAL --- Critical Manufacturing, a supplier of highly intelligent, sophisticated manufacturing execution systems (MES), announces the release of Critical Manufacturing 5.0. This new revolution in MES empowers the user with software that is more akin to familiar, user-friendly consumer apps rather than traditional, more awkward manufacturing interface systems.

Critical Manufacturing 5.0 is simpler, faster and easier than any other MES on the market. It enables the creation of sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUI) using straightforward drag and drop technology. Doing away with the need for complicated coding, the system offers total flexibility as personalized views can be quickly generated for a process to suit an operator or maintenance personnel’s individual needs.

Critical Manufacturing 5.0 is based on HTML5 and Google Angular 2. This makes it incredibly flexible and easy to use. The technology works seamlessly across different devices and operating systems – from fixed operator panels or PCs to mobile devices such as tablets or phones. Using mobile technology, the highly intelligent system recognizes where the operator is in the plant and offers access to the apps needed to interface with the process nearby. This means that, with the correct installation and permissions, operators can keep their own interface device with them for use across the plant.

As a business, Critical Manufacturing’s success has been based on innovative, revolutionary technology that has historically disrupted the market place. The new Critical Manufacturing 5.0 follows in its mission to re-define customer expectations and take systems to a new level. There are no compromises on features or security; the system is simply designed without the constraints of historical systems and sets a new standard for MES functionality and usability.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO, Critical Manufacturing commented, “The release of Critical Manufacturing 5.0 marks a new dawn in MES. Users today are so familiar with consumer apps on their phones and tablets, and this new MES follows the same expectations you would have from any app you download. It is powerful yet versatile, intuitive, easy, fast and simple to use – and we believe that’s exactly what customers should expect from modern plant wide systems.”

The form of Critical Manufacturing 5.0 will drive new levels of engineering and operator efficiency; enabling even greater use of MES to enhance plant profitability. It is designed to lift customers out of a rut where their visions have become limited by technology.

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