Mechanical Switches Fly Without Wires Or Batteries


Cherry’s latest line of switches work wirelessly without batteries. Their power source is the physical actuation of the switch, the motion of which translates into power through a penny-size micro-dynamo within the body of the switch.

This simplifies the task of deploying remote switches. The energy-harvesting switches do not require periodic battery changes or frequent battery status checking, and there are none of the usual battery-related switch failures.

Inside the switch housing the micro-dynamo magneto-electric generator is joined by a controller, a digital modulator and a radio. The radio can be configured for numerous frequencies including those common to home, office, and plant automation systems.

Switches are available in snap-action or rocker configurations and others can be custom ordered to meet specific requirements. Cherry also offers the generator separately from the switches. They rate its mechanical life at 1,000,000 actuations and the energy it generates at a measured 0.33 mw (actuating and releasing).  The RF transmission distance is rated up to 300 meters in open space, and up to 30 meters indoors with any type of obstruction.


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