Low Phase Noise Amplifiers Span 1.5 GHz To 18 GHz

Pasternack’s latest line of low phase noise amplifiers incorporate GaAs HBT MMIC semiconductor technology, promising ultra-low phase noise performance over a wide dynamic range. Typical applications include electronic warfare, microwave radio, VSAT, radar, space systems, test instrumentation, and telecom infrastructure. Five models cover select frequency bands ranging from 1.5 GHz to 18 GHz with residual phase noise levels as low as -180 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.  Additional performance specs include small signal gain ranging from 9 to 14 dB, with typical noise figure of 5.5 dB. Psat levels for these amplifiers range from +16 to +25 dBm with Output IP3 levels as high as +34 dBm.  All models feature single DC voltage supplies and input/output RF ports are internally matched for 50Ω with dc-blocking capacitors. For spec sheets on each model, CLICK HERE.

Pasternak Enterprises Inc.

Irvine, CA      




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