Low-Cost RF Switches Optimize Transceiver Performance

Low-Cost RF Switches Optimize Transceiver Performance
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL)

CEL is introducing a variety of RF switches that perform as drop in replacements for a wide range of existing RF products and new designs. Target markets include test and measurement systems as well as Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth routers, sensors, appliances, and other radio-equipped products. Typical options include:
• Single-pole-double-throw (SPDT or 1:2) switches that route signals from one input to two output paths.
• Multiport or single-pole-multiple-throw (SPnT) switches that allow a single input to multiple (three or more) output paths.
• Double-pole-double-throw (DPDT) switches can be used to switch between two inputs and two outputs

The switches operate over frequency ranges through 6 GHz and are drop-in compatible to various existing Renesas RF switches. Some of these new switches include:
• CG2179MT (SPDT) general purpose RF switch
• CG2214M6 (SDPT) general purpose RF switch with low insertion loss
• CG2185X2 (SPDT) compact wideband RF switch for WLAN applications
• CG2163X3 (SPDT) Wideband RF switch for WLAN providing high isolation features
• CG2415M6 (SPDT) Wideband RF switch for WLAN that features medium power and high isolation
• CG2430X1 (SP3T) Wideband RF switch for WLAN and Bluetooth
• CG2176X3 (Absorptive SPDT) High Power, Wideband RF Switch for WLAN

California Eastern Laboratories
Santa Clara, CA

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