Linxens Closes the Acquisition of KnL, Specialist in RFID Antennas

GUYANCOURT, France – Linxens has completed the acquisition of KnL Group. KnL Group, founded by Yannick Zoccola, Managing Director, in 2010, and is located near Bangkok, Thailand. The company specializes in the manufacture of RFID inlays and antennas typically used in banking cards, ID cards, access and transport cards as well as passports.

"This acquisition is an important step for Linxens and will help boost our growth trajectory," says Christophe Duverne, CEO, Linxens Group. "We are excited to add KnL's talent, technology and products to our offering, and are convinced this will help us accelerate our ambitions in the Contactless market."

Yannick Zoccola, KnL's Managing Director, "KnL has developed a unique capability in antennas. We're excited to combine our expertise with that of Linxens and accelerate our development. It makes our product and service offer an even more logical choice for our customers in the medium and long term." Yannick Zoccola will continue in his current role and will join the Linxens' management team.

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