Leviton Launches Lumina™ RF 0-10V Dimmer for Wireless Energy Management Automation Platform

MELVILLE, NY -- Leviton today announced the availability of the Lumina™ RF Decora® Wall Switch Dimmer, which combines dimming capabilities for any 0-10V controlled load with wireless automation. The ZSD07 device can be used for stand-alone lighting control or attached to the Lumina RF and Lumina Gateway automation eco-system for ease of operations and energy savings in new light commercial construction and retrofits. Pairing the dimmer with a Lumina Gateway allows users to automatically dim/brighten lights at scheduled preset times or control remotely via a touchscreen or app.

The ZSD07 is the optimal smart wireless control solution for retrofit applications where LED, incandescent or fluorescent lighting controls are required and additional wiring devices are cost prohibitive. The dimmer features an aesthetic intuitive design with a robust manual rocker switch coupled with a slender raise/lower side bar for ON/OFF and dim/brighten control as well as a stylish backlit dimming LED indicator. When connected to a Lumina Gateway automation system, it allows facilities to create scalable wireless energy management systems. Three-way control capability can be easily achieved using the Lumina Gateway setup software.

The new Lumina RF smart dimmer accepts input voltages of 120, 230, and 277VAC and features a commercial grade 10 Amp load control with a mechanically held latching relay for high inrush loads. It replaces traditional standard wall switches with no additional wiring required. The wireless range between devices in a Lumina RF eco-system is optimized at 75 feet, ensuring a wide mesh network across a small commercial facility. The ZSD07 is UL and CSA Listed and meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2010 and California Title 24 2013 energy code requirements for daylighting, space/area control, dimming, manual-ON/OFF, occupancy control and automatic shutoff.

For more information, visit http://www.leviton.com/gateway

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