Isolated RS-485 Transceivers Integrate Transformer Driver And LDO

Isolated RS-485 Transceivers Integrate Transformer Driver And LDO
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In order to ease design chores and boost efficiency while enabling robust communication for industrial automation applications, the MAX14853/MAX14855 and MAX14943/MAX14949 family of RS-485 transceivers integrate the necessary transformers and low-dropout (LDOs) regulators. The MAX14943 isolated RS-485/PROFIBUS DP transceiver, as well as the MAX14949 transceiver, each provide up to 80% efficiency at 150 mA load. Available in full or half duplex isolated RS-485 transceivers, the family supports up to 5 kVrms and allows for robust communication up to 25 Mb/s. The transceivers suit industrial automation, programmable logic controllers (PLC), HVAC, and power meter applications. For more details, visit:
• MAX14853:
• MAX14855:
• MAX14943:
• MAX14949:
• MAX148X2 evaluation kit:
• MAX149X2 evaluation kit:

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