IQ Mixers Cover RF/LO Bands From 4 to 38 GHz

Pasternack offers six new IQ mixers with RF and LO frequency bands ranging from 4 GHz to 38 GHz and in-phase and quadrature IF bandwidths ranging from DC to 4.5 GHz. Typical applications include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio, VSAT, Military Radar, EW, Satellite Communications, sensors, and test and measurement equipment. Modules employ MMIC based assemblies using a GaAs MESFET semiconductor process that consists of a pair of matched double-balanced mixer cells, a 90° hybrid and a 0° splitter/combiner. This level of integration offers advantages in size and performance when compared to discrete module assemblies. With the addition of an external 90° IF hybrid module, these IQ mixers can be configured as an image reject mixer or single sideband upconverter mixer. For complete specs, visit

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