IoT the final frontier for embedded

If Captain James T Kirk was pioneering the future of embedded he would be setting out on a five year mission is to expand strange new markets; to seek out new applications and new ecosystems; to boldly go where no engineer has gone before.

ARM will again be organizing an IoT Pre-Conference symposium at Sensor Expo. The symposium will explore the building blocks to create predictive UI, making machines behave and act like humans. We can see this trend in robotics, drones, and autonomous driving vehicles. But many embedded devices makers are lagging as they are hampered by a lack of volume scalability, price points established by prior generation of devices, or lack of expertise to create more complex sensor arrays to enable predictive UI. In order for these embedded device makers to become future IoT makers they need turn-key technologies that will enable them to collect the relevant data to add more value through services, product capability that leverages internet connectivity.

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