IoT Day 2019: Bridgetek, Zerynth, and Riverdi Forge IoT Partnership


Expanding adoption its graphics controller ICs in the ever-emerging Internet of Things (IoT) sector, Bridgetek has entered into a three-way collaborative partnership with IoT development experts Zerynth and display solutions provider Riverdi. According to the trio, users will be better able to implement next generation smart building systems and Industry 4.0 ready factory automation equipment.


 Bridgetek’s BT81x series devices employing the company’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, paired with Riverdi’s touch-enabled display modules plus Zerynth’s IoT programming platform and its supporting libraries forms a hardware/software offering that promises to accelerate system deployments. The EVE’s object-oriented architecture means that sophisticated human-machine interfaces (HMIs) can be constructed while only using minimal microcontroller and memory capacity, saving board real estate and curbing power consumption demands.


Likewise, Zerynth’s Python-based programming platform keeps software engineering overheads down and is optimized specifically for resource-constrained IoT applications. This will enable the numerous Riverdi-supplied Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-compliant EVE HMI units within an IoT monitoring or control system to connect to the cloud network and thereby utilize various cloud services. For more information, visit Zerynth, Riverdi, and, of course, Bridgetek.