IoT Day 2019: Green IoT Solutions Enable Sustainable Cities

Delta, a provider of power and thermal management solutions, unveiled its broad portfolio of energy-efficient solutions under the brand campaign "IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities" at Hannover Messe 2019. The solutions focus on Smart Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, and Smart Energy Infrastructure. A key offering includes the Digital Factory Monitoring Solution, a next-generation platform to enable the digitalized monitoring and control of machinery, operations and energy consumption in manufacturing facilities.


Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Delta's chief brand officer, said, "In line with its corporate mission 'To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow', Delta is committed to the development of sustainable cities by deploying its IoT-based Smart Green Solutions. At the show, we launched the new brand campaign and conceptualized our exhibition under the theme "IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities" to demonstrate how we integrate Delta's solutions, from power generation, energy storage, to power usage, to realize smart cities with distributed energy resources. Our core competence in power electronics and our evolving focus from product-level energy efficiency to nanogrid-level energy management allow us to offer solutions to nurture energy resilience in cities, such as energy-saving smart building automation as well as microgrid-supported EV charging infrastructure. Our new brand campaign is designed to let all our stakeholders understand the nature of these endeavors".


Delta's showcase features include:

  • Solutions for Smart Manufacturing: Delta’s industrial automation products are engineered to facilitate smart manufacturing and energy efficiency in fields ranging from wood-working, packaging, assembly, electronics manufacturing, and more. A key smart manufacturing highlight at Delta’s booth is the Digital Factory Monitoring Solution, a state-of-the-art ecosystem of digital platforms developed by Delta for the monitoring and control of equipment, operations and energy consumption in factories. Themistius is integrated engineering software to efficiently develop a machinery system, from product selection, programming, to exporting on a unified platform. The partnership with CODESYS enables Delta to make its future motion control devices programmable with CODESYS platform and offers customers the opportunity to simplify the implementation of Delta's industrial automation hardware across their operations.
  • Solutions for Smart Buildings: With IoT-based smart buildings at the heart of smart cities, Delta - together with its subsidiaries LOYTEC and VIVOTEK - is also showing its latest smart building management solutions. These range from surveillance systems to 3D people counting systems, smart LED lighting and control solutions for third party HVAC and sunblind systems. Thiolytic L-ROC Room Controller is a revolutionary room automation system based on IP integrated with native BACnet/IP networks and LonMark systems at the controller level for lighting, temperature and sunblind control, and occupancy detection. VIVOTEK's fisheye network camera is an all-in-one surveillance solution that offers 180° panoramic (wall-mount) or 360° surround views with zero blind spots (ceiling-mount). Therefore, it is ideal for monitoring indoor open areas in airports, banks, shopping malls and more. These comprehensive smart building solutions have been designed to enhance energy efficiency, safety and comfort.
  • Solutions for Smart Energy Infrastructure: With growing demand of e-mobility in cities around the world, charging infrastructure needs to become widely available and energy-resilient. To meet that requirement, Delta will show its complete smart charging infrastructure solutions ranging from renewable power generation, Power Conditioning Systems (PCS), Battery Energy Storage Systems to EV charging solutions. A key highlight will be its 150kW DC Ultra-Fast EV Charger, which offers a modular, scalable power architecture and the ability to charge four EVs simultaneously and can provide 100km range within ten minutes of charging. Delta's PCS100 is a 100kW bi-directional conversion system that converts power between energy storage and the electricity grid, along with energy and grid power quality management features. The PCS100 is available for outdoor applications and is an ideal fit for peak-shaving and load shifting planning in EV charging stations.
    For more info, visit Delta.

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