IDT RapidIO Technology Speeds Data Movement in Sugon's New Super Server

SAN JOSE, CA -- Integrated Device Technology, Inc. announces that Sugon has selected IDT RapidIO semiconductors for its new Galaxias SDC1000 server. With ultra-low latency and high level of scalability, the IDT devices help speed the movement and processing of data in the Sugon system, which brings together processors, networks, storage and I/O devices in a unified 4U energy-efficient system.

The Galaxias SDC1000 features an IDT RapidIO switch and network interface IC, used to connect up to 32 processing nodes and four FPGA accelerators per chassis. The RapidIO-enabled network can be used to connect heterogeneous processing nodes of x86 or ARM processors in Sugon's Galaxias SDC1000. The RapidIO devices also scale from chassis to chassis.

The low-latency interconnect enables efficient communication and high performance for pools of CPUs, memory, storage, and accelerators such as those in Sugon's cloud server. RapidIO-based server and supercomputing solutions are already developed for both C-RAN and high-performance computing markets, with the Galaxias SDC1000 being yet another example. RapidIO is also used extensively throughout communications infrastructure, with IDT RapidIO chips used in virtually every 4G LTE call made globally.

IDT has shipped more than 110 million ports of RapidIO for use in production systems. The company recently introduced its next-generation RXS RapidIO switch family of even faster speeds of 50 Gbps per port, supporting 600 Gbps of switching in a single switch or 4.8 Tbps at rack scale.

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