High-Voltage Amp Clamps Down On Noise

High-Voltage Amp Clamps Down On Noise
Falco Systems BV

Claiming to have the lowest output noise in the industry, the WMA-200 high-voltage amplifier specifies noise figures of 50 μVrms from dc to 100 kHz and 20 μVrms from dc to 500 Hz with a load capacitor box. When driving a typical MEMS or piezo device, the amp allows adjusting position to within a picometer resolution; less than one hundredth of the diameter of an atom. Other features include 20x amplification up to +175V and -175V output voltage with respect to ground, a short-circuit protected 275-mA output current, no overshoot with capacitive loads,
standard BNC and differential connector outputs, and a BNC monitor out connector that provides a 1:100 replica of the output signal. For further info and specs, visit http://www.falco-systems.com/High_voltage_amplifier_WMA-200.html

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