Getting Ready for Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference 2019

We are getting ready for the second year of AVSC: Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference as part of Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose on June 25-27. By the way, due to the demand and interest we have expanded the event to be 1.5 days. If you interested in attending here is the registration link.

This year we will have a keynote speaker from Uber, one of the pioneering companies in the AV space. Uber will set the backdrop for the following day and half.

State of AV

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As I reflect on the state of the business, it amazes me the resilience of the AV movement. Despite the downward forecast of automobile vehicle product and various semiconductors companies warning of possible financial earnings impact, there does not seem to be a pause button for the AV investments and efforts.

Event Themes

This year we will have 2 main themes: 

External Sensing
We have all heard about the camera, the radars and the LiDARs. We will spend some time learning the advancements of radar. Several of the companies are focus on developing 4D imaging radar which may complement or complete LiDAR. And of course we will have our second round of the LiDAR face-off, but this will expand beyond the Americas and we will bring some International start-ups to the forefront.

Internal Sensing
Last year we head about Driver Monitoring Systems from Seeing Machines, and recently Daimler announced their MBUX Interior Assistant. But this is just the beginning of an emerging application of In-Cabin sensing.

In the coming days I will share a little more on what you can expect to learn by attending the AVSC. In the meantime, visit for the full agenda and to register today. 

See you there!


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