Gateway Controller Enables IoT Connectivity

Gateway Controller Enables IoT Connectivity
Divelbiss Corp.

Providing a bridge to the Internet of Things (IoT), the VersaGateway Controller is capable of translating between various protocols and enabling cloud communications with the company’s VersaCloud M2M platform. Programmed using the no-cost EZ Ladder Toolkit in Ladder Diagram, Function Block, and Structured Text, and based on P-Series PLC on a Chip technology, the gateway provides maximum flexibility when translating between different serial bus protocols, logging system data to the full size SD card, or adding IoT capability to existing systems. Features include two serial ports, which are user configurable as RS-232 or RS-485, and supports MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocols as either a Master or a Slave device. The serial ports are also directly programmable via the Structured Text programming language, allowing the implementation of custom protocols. Two CAN ports are available, one of which is isolated and configurable for NMEA2000 bus power. Both CAN ports support the SAE 1939 and NMEA2000 protocols. Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports can be used for MODBUS TCP Server and Client communications, as well as IoT communications with the VersaCloud M2M platform. Additionally, the VersaGateway has optional cellular capability for communicating with the VersaCloud M2M platform. A GPS option is also available.

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