Free Cybersecurity Training, Get It While The Getting’s Good

Addressing the ever expanding need for diligence in all things security, amplifire launches a free trial of its new course, Cybersecurity in the Workplace – Protecting Systems and Information. The company partnered with BlacKnight Cyber Security International, a cybersecurity firm offering threat vector solutions, cyber wargames, certification training, and top secret/SCI staffing.


The course promises to outfit employees, through brain science “triggers,” with the basic knowledge necessary to protect their employers from cyberattacks. An additional cybersecurity course, specifically for healthcare organizations, is scheduled for release in June.

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The amplifire platform has the ability to adapt and focus on “struggle areas” until they are mastered and remembered by every employee. Struggle data alerts managers to actionable patterns that would otherwise remain invisible.  Smart refreshers confirm mastery over the data.


Integrated into the platform are 15 triggers, designed by experts in brain science and cognition that stimulate rapid learning and drive long-term memory. Chief among these triggers is the notion of confidence, which is a predictor of action. The platform finds and fixes “Confidently Held Misinformation”, which are untruths held in the neurons of the learner. For more information, visit




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