FIP-435B Fully Automated Wireless Inspection Probe Awarded Four Diamonds

QUEBEC CITY - EXFO Inc. announces that its fully automated FIP-435B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe earned a score of 4.0 by the panel of the 2015 Diamond Technology Review program, a score reserved to excellent products with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits.

EXFO's FIP-435B stood out based on numerous key technological advancements. By adding Wi-Fi connectivity to its unique, fully automated test process, along with the flexibility and ease-of-use of Android™ and iOSTM smart devices, EXFO is removing the last roadblocks in making connector certification accessible to anyone, anywhere. Users simply connect the FIP-435B to the connector port, and the probe will automatically detect the connection, locate and center the fiber image, adjust and optimize the focus and capture, run the pass/fail analysis as per selected standards and even save and report the results. The whole process is now down to seconds enabling inspection of any optical port without adding extra delays to project timelines.

The FIP-435B also takes into account new applications, such as fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA), which involves the installation of high-precision optical gear at the top of towers. First, the automation enables tower crews usually more familiar with copper or RF technology to quickly level up on fiber testing. Second, the LED indicator on the probe (an EXFO-only feature) immediately gives the pass/fail verdict without even having to look at the smart device screen. This allows climbers to reach the top of the towers with their smartphone in their pocket and with only the FIP-435B in hand, leaving other costly optical test equipment on the ground. This innovative screenless, one-hand operation means faster, more secure manipulations.

"Getting the FIP-435B recognized by the broadband cable industry for its clear and substantial benefits is yet another proof that EXFO's efforts in bringing unmatched automated and easy-to-use field-testing solutions have a direct impact on customer's efficiency," said Stéphane Chabot, Vice-President of EXFO's Physical Layer Test Division. "Now equipped to perform first-level troubleshooting tasks, users are empowered to remove the most common source of issues. The use of smart device connectivity to sync results and reports to cloud servers from any location also enables contractors to integrate and comply with current workflow and processes in the case where operators already made the switch to smart devices."

The panel of Broadband Technology Report (BTR) consisted of at least three expert volunteer judges who evaluated submissions. To ensure fairness, similar products from different vendors were reviewed by the same group of panelists.

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