Fibocom Announces Thinnest Ever LTE CAT-1 IoT Module with Global 3G/2G Fallback

SHENZHEN, China --- Fibocom Wireless announces L816-AM, the world's thinnest LTE Cat 1 module for the North American market with global 3G/2G fallback. The L816-AM is a multi-mode LTE CAT1 module supporting LTE bands 2, 4 & 12, penta band WCDMA and quad band GSM, and is powered by the Intel® XMM™ 7120M LTE modem. L816-AM includes 8 industrial and 4 carrier certifications across the globe, allowing seamless deployment in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and South America including Brazil.

"With only 1.55mm thickness, L816-AM is the perfect candidate for providing cellular connections on lower bandwidth global consumer products or hand-held devices, where slimness matters." said Amy DeBuysere, VP of Business Development.

Samples of the L816-AM are now readily available for testing and integration. Global carrier certifications are to be completed by end of 2016. Commercial availability of L816-AM by early 2017. For more details, contact [email protected]

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