Federated Wireless to Begin Testing Environmental Sensing Capability

ARLINGTON, VA--- Federated Wireless, Inc., a developer of cloud-based wireless infrastructure solutions to extend the access of carrier networks, today has developed a testbed in Norfolk, Virginia for future demonstration and verification of its Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC). The ESC is key to unlocking the value of shared spectrum in major metropolitan areas, which will improve the performance and capacity of wireless networks, drive innovation, support new business models and spur economic growth.

Federated Wireless’ ESC and Spectrum Access Systems (SAS), which are part of its CINQ XP platform, are currently in the certification process with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for commercial availability. The combined ESC and SAS in CINQ XP will facilitate the coexistence of users that will access shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band.

The ESC is a system that is designed to increase available spectrum in coastal areas while providing prioritized, interference-free use by incumbent federal users. When the ESC sensor detects a federal transmission, it will activate a protection zone and inform the SAS to dynamically reallocate users in the area to other parts of the band. The ESC is a key component of the Federated Wireless solution since it opens the value of shared spectrum along U.S. coastlines where as much as 45 percent of the population lives. By using many sensors in a network, the ESC can assure high availability of wireless spectrum.

The 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service, created by the FCC in April 2014, provides much needed spectrum to a rapidly growing wireless industry, while addressing potential interference and coordination issues with new spectrum sharing and management techniques. In order to operate within the band, companies must utilize a SAS for the allocation and management of spectrum, with the goal of maximizing efficiency in the band. Federated Wireless has developed a dynamic three-tiered SAS that incorporates information from its ESC systems. Federated Wireless has worked with the FCC to help establish the standards for accessing the new spectrum and leading the effort to establish the model for SAS and ESC interoperation.

The Federated Wireless testbed is an important step toward formal approval of its ESC, providing important insights into the deployment and operational aspects of an ESC network, establishing a field network for future ESC test and certification, and promoting a demonstration environment for key stakeholders. In a few weeks Federated Wireless will announce the initial metropolitan areas it will prepare for sensor deployment as part of its planned ESC operation.

More information about Federated Wireless can be found at http://www.federatedwireless.com