Extended InGaAs Detectors Are Available As Linear Arrays

Extended InGaAs Detectors Are Available As Linear Arrays
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For SWIR spectroscopy applications, the IG22 xInGaAs detector delivers 256 pixels at 30 μm x 250 μm, each with a pitch of 50 μm. In cooled operation, the spectral range is covered up to 2.1 μm (20% point). Said to be advantageous, the photodiode dark current depends on the bias voltage applied. Thus, voltage-free operation is ideal, however, the input offset of the amplifier acts as bias voltage. In the IG22 array, this undesired voltage is reset to zero after each readout. For more details, visit http://www.lasercomponents.com/de-en/ir-components/ir-detectors/ir-arrays  

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