EXFO launches agile NEMs infrastructure solutions for end-to-end manufacturing coverage

QUEBEC CITY --- EXFO Inc. announces its latest agile solutions for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), which include new power meter, variable attenuator and switches, all compatible with the recently launched LTB-8 Rackmount Platform. The solutions can be remotely managed through EXFO's Multilink, the industry's unique lab test management system with a multi-user interface that offers remote access to multi-modules, multi-chassis across multiple locations.

The newly enhanced test solutions support NEMs faced with rapid market transformations and launch on the heels of the highly successful release of the LTB-8 lab platform.

Compatibility of all these new modules with the LTB-8, a highly scalable highly compact chassis, delivers the flexibility NEMs need for a variety of combinations with other Optical or Transport modules, such as the FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer, to streamline testing, accelerate time to market, and maximize return on investment.

Ideal for bit error rate (BER) testing and system verification, the FTBx-3500 is the only variable optical attenuator (VOA) that offers a fully remote user interface and EXFO Multilink compatibility. It is also the only VOA on the market to offer a benchtop unit, which can be controlled remotely or using the touchscreen. EXFO's FTBx-3500 Variable Attenuator combines innovative design techniques, high-quality components and meticulous calibration procedure for complete reliability and automation.

With the FTBx-9150 Optical Switch, FTBx-9160 MEMS Optical Switch and FTBx-9600 Utility Module, EXFO offers a full range of optical switches for a wide variety of applications, including multiple component testing, and bi-directional, automated, remote and signal testing as well as equipment sharing. Providing highly accurate and repeatable fiber-to-fiber switching, the FTBx-9150/9160 can be easily remote controlled via the standard LAN or optical GPIB interface using SCPI commands, IVI drivers and any other automation software.

The FTBx-1750 High-Performance Power Meter's unique patented design delivers fast, accurate and flexible power measurements for the production floor. The user-friendly, web-based graphical user interface (GUI) allows for the easy configuration of the power meter and simple status monitoring. It is also easy to integrate the FTBx-1750 into an automated test station using the IVI-compliant drivers or available SCPI commands. Remote control is easily performed using Telnet over the built-in LAN port or the GPIB to USB adapter.

For more information, visit http://www.exfo.com

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