Energy Harvesting and Low Power Design and Applications Complimentary Webinar

Energy Harvesting and Low Power Design and Applications
Complimentary Webinar Presented by Alta Devices

Tuesday, April 12 • 2:00 pm EST

Sensors are among the mostly frequently cited additions to connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT) and certainly are one of the key enablers for wearable products of all sorts. However, wirelessly connected sensors pose a major problem: battery life. Energy harvesting (EH) provides an alternative to frequently changing batteries in wireless sensing applications. While EH is not a solution for every wireless sensing node, it is being successfully applied in industrial, consumer and other applications. In addition to a variety of energy harvesting technologies, other power sources and other system aspects need to be considered for a successful application including high efficiency, low-power microcontrollers, wireless connectivity, and direct current (DC) power management.

With the high level of interest in energy harvesting, suppliers of the EH products and the enabling technologies are making significant advances. In the solar area, a newly developed manufacturing process dramatically reduces the cost of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar cells, bringing them into applications where high efficiency, light weight, and flexibility are important. This webcast will provide an overview of the energy harvesting system, what attendees at Sensors Expo can expect to see and hear, and discuss the latest developments in GaAs solar power.

To register for the webinar, click here. As a bonus, all webinar attendees will receive a special discount offer to attend the Energy Harvesting Pre-Conference Symposium and Technical Track at Sensors Expo & Conference this June!

Speakers include:

Greg Koskowich, Alta Devices

Greg Koskowich is the Senior Director of Product at Alta Devices; an expert at electronic system design with over 20 years of experience designing integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, firmware and software for a variety of consumer products including cell phones, laptops, set top boxes and medical devices.

Randy Frank

Randy Frank is President of Randy Frank & Associates With a diversified technical background for his expertise, Frank has established departments to address new technologies and effective communications in technology business for over 30 years at world leading companies from Chrysler Corporation to American Motors to Motorola to ON Semiconductor, and more.

Mat Dirjish

Mat Dirjish is currently the Executive Editor of Sensors Magazine. In his past roles, he was a Computer Boards, Software, and Embedded Systems Editor and a Tech Editor at industry-renowned publications, as well as a judge in past PC104+ competitions.

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