eAgile Launches First Dual Frequency RFID Inlay

GRAND RAPIDS, MI. and ZURICH -- eAgile Inc. announces today their UHF and NFC multi-frequency DualWing family of inlays. The DualWing series is the first tag to seamlessly combine the benefits of UHF's global supply chain acceptance with the consumer engagement capabilities of NFC into a single tag design. The DualWing's innovative chip also incorporates the latest ISO standards of both frequencies to provide the most robust anti-counterfeiting and validation capabilities currently available.

A dual frequency tag has long been anticipated by the marketplace to unleash the full power of RFID. "By providing the tools that extend the RFID value chain to include the ability for brand owners to immediately interact with the end customer is a milestone event for the entire industry," stated Gary Burns, CEO of eAgile Inc. "The DualWing is the Swiss Army knife of RFID that delivers maximum utility to organizations with minimal impact to existing systems."

DualWing tag customers can expect to gain the following benefits:

Versatility. DualWing tags utilize a single chip sharing common memory blocks and the same unique ID allowing for information to be shared or updated by both UHF and NFC devices.

Performance. The UHF function of the DualWing allows for the longer read ranges and faster read/write cycles required of asset tracking and logistical applications while the NFC features allow for robust functionality and marketing applications using smartphones or near-field scanners.

Security. Enhanced security protocols of ISO 18000-63 and EPC Gen2 V2 utilized by the UHF interface combat counterfeiting and tag alteration while the NFC's ISO 14443A-3 standard and rolling access counter make the DualWing one of the most secure platforms available in either frequency.

"To combine all the benefits of UHF and NFC into a single chip tag is an elegant solution," expressed Peter Phaneuf, President of eAgile Inc. "To embrace the latest ISO standards for maximum security in both frequencies opens doors to opportunities beyond the retail applications originally targeted and into the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare spaces."

The DualWing is the latest addition to eAgile's family of item level intelligence products, which includes software and hardware solutions engineered to capture valuable business data and engage with end customers through smartphones. The DualWing's full product line is scheduled for large-scale release in wet and dry formats during the third quarter of 2015 from eAgile's service bureau in converted formats with available customer specific print and encoding schemes.

Learn more at http://www.eagile.com

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