Digi International Introduces Cellular Gateway Solution for No or Low Power Locations

MINNETONKA, MN – Digi International introduces Digi Connect Sensor, a battery-powered, enterprise-ready, cellular gateway solution for wireless connectivity at locations with either no power or low power. In offering a plug-and-play solution, Connect Sensor allows for remote sensor monitoring to be deployed in environments previously considered too harsh, remote or not economically viable. With versatility and flexibility to accommodate off-the-shelf sensors, such as flow, level, pressure and environmental conditions, the newly announced cellular gateway solution will help make sensor use ubiquitous.

Because it provides remote monitoring without the need for additional infrastructure, power supplies or third-party applications, Digi Connect Sensor is ideal for energy, water, industrial and government installations that need to expand monitoring capabilities due to oversight requirements, or to increase operational efficiencies, as well as implement Industry 4.0 or Smart City initiatives.

Featuring integration with Digi Device Cloud, Connect Sensor allows individual companies, systems integrators and IoT solution providers to easily offer vastly expanded monitoring capabilities and deliver new levels of visibility. With cellular connectivity at each sensor and low cellular data usage rates, Connect Sensor also eliminates the need to configure local wireless networks and makes it cost effective for data backhaul.

Connect Sensor also works with Digi’s Connect Wizard, a first-of-its-kind mobile application for this type of battery-powered gateway. The application uses a Bluetooth connection to provide local installers, technicians or drivers with instant feedback on sensor values via Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. This provides local personnel with immediate status on possible actions and replaces the need for outdated LCD displays.

Endress+Hauser, a leading supplier of industrial measurement and automation equipment, recently selected Digi Connect Sensor for its inventory management solutions to offer a complete solution for connectivity of industrial sensors in remote locations. (See “Endress+Hauser Selects Digi International as Cellular Gateway Solution for Field Instrumentation Sensor Products”)

Providing an optimal combination of incorporating low-cost sensors capable of multiple uses, data transport via global cellular networks and power available wherever it is needed, Digi Connect Sensor key features include:

1. Flexible power source options: Features a long-lasting, non-rechargeable battery with two to three-year average life, sleep mode to conserve power between sensor readings and the option to power from an external source using the internal battery as backup power. As a result, users have the flexibility to make the device self-powered, or take advantage of existing power supplies, including solar.
2. Cellular choice: For global connectivity, Connect Sensor is available in 3G HSPA+ with 2G fallback. North American users can also choose an LTE CAT 1 version.
3. Supports LTE CAT 1: With support for LTE CAT 1, the band specifically created for IoT and M2M communications, Connect Sensor devices are highly efficient, require less power and are optimized for data transfer.
4. Sensor variety and flexibility: Multiple I/O options and simultaneous connections offer solution flexibility to address multiple sensor-based environments. Connect Sensor can work with virtually any 4/20mA, Analog Out, Digital Out or Pulsed Output sensor, and can power multiple external sensors, eliminating the need for external supplies or batteries.
5. Enterprise-grade security: Security may be implemented at the device, transport and platform level.
6. Appropriate for harsh environments: Features weather-proof NEMA 4 enclosure to protect sensors from the elements, as well as ATEX Group 2 and UL Class 1 Division 2 ratings.
7. Increased awareness and customized reporting: Integration with Digi Device Cloud provides visibility and centralized management for all Connect Sensor devices; Device Cloud also serves as the platform for sensor data collection.
8. Increased levels of customization: Configurable read/report intervals and customizable alarms provide alerts when sensor value is above or below threshold levels.

For additional details, visit http://www.digi.com/connectsensor

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