DC-to- 60 GHz Chip Termination Handles Wireless Backhaul Apps

DC-to- 60 GHz Chip Termination Handles Wireless Backhaul Apps
Barry Industries

Groomed for microwave backhaul chores, the TV0404FA-50R0JN-91 ultra-broadband chip termination passes third-party testing to show a typical return loss of 18.5 dB or better over a dc to 60GHz bandwidth. The 1.016 mm x 1.016 mm 0404-size chip is constructed of robust thick film on alumina with a wire-bondable input pad and epoxy or solderable ground. Other features include an impedance of 50Ω, RoHS/REACH compliance, a power rating at 250 mW on a 100°C mounting surface temperature, and a 1.27:1 maximum VSWR.

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