ClariPhy Shatters Fiber/System Capacity Barriers with 16-nm Coherent Optical Networking Platform

IRVINE, CA --- ClariPhy establishes a significant leadership position in advancing next generation coherent optical networking with the world’s first complete 16nm ADC and DAC platform enabling 64QAM modulation to achieve greater than 70 Tbps per fiber and more
than 50% power reduction to double system capacity. The migration of analog front end design to 16nm CMOS technology is acknowledged by the industry to be the Holy Grail for the next generation of coherent DSP’s required to drive fiber capacities, power reduction and lowest cost per bit which are all critical to address rapidly expanding Web 2.0 and telecom networks.

ClariPhy’s new coherent test platform establishes a critical foundation for ClariPhy’s forthcoming LightSpeed-IIITM family of SoC devices – that will enable greater than 70 Tbps per fiber over a combination of L and C transmission bands with more than 400G per wavelength, drive more than 50 percent power reduction, and offer ground-breaking performance for next-generation data center interconnect (DCI), long haul and metro networks. The 16nm Coherent platform highlights ClariPhy’s strength in vertical integration of all critical IP necessary to develop and manufacture a Coherent SoC rapidly and cost effectively. The platform is the first of its kind to enable 64 QAM modulation. Its full speed 4-channel ADC and DAC supports variable baud rates to enable a true Flex Coherent solution programmable up to 400G per wavelength while delivering stellar performance that meets or exceeds critical analog specifications like bandwidth, effective number of bits (ENOB) and jitter.

ClariPhy will conduct live demonstration of its 16nm coherent platform as part of a complete reference design comprising of best in class optical components to meet the exacting bandwidth, linearity and phase noise specifications required to support 64 QAM modulation. The reference design is the result of a close collaboration between ClariPhy and leading ecosystem partners and includes components from Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC), Inphi, Macom and NeoPhotonics.

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