Cisco Meraki partners with Cogniac to deliver AI-powered smart cameras

Cisco Meraki is joining forces with Cogniac, an enterprise-class artificial intelligence provider, to deliver AI-powered computer vision applications for Meraki’s MV smart cameras. Cogniac’s AI-powered platform will enhance the video analytics capabilities of Meraki’s MV Series smart cameras.

The partnership will help Meraki and Cogniac’s enterprise customers build smarter, more automated spaces without the need for new infrastructure.

“Our strategic partnership with Cogniac not only supports the new customer computer vision capabilities on the MV smart cameras, but also provides customers with the tools, data and insights they need to optimize their business operation,” said Andreas Nordgren, head of camera intelligence at Cisco Meraki, in a statement.

Meraki uses its MV smart cameras and environmental sensors to power thousands of smart spaces. The smart cameras can detect objects and movements within a frame by using high-definition video and machine learning-based analytics. New features and firmware updates are easily configured through Meraki’s web-based dashboard.

Meraki will add support for custom computer vision (CV) models on second-generation MV smart cameras with MV Sense, which is the software-to-software interface for MV devices. By deploying custom AI models on-camera, Meraki customers can leverage the device’s edge computing power and simplified architecture to address unique business problems and better solve existing use cases.

Use cases can range from quality control at restaurants, to manufacturers ensuring that warehouse workers are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Meraki is also introducing two new sensor models, the MT14 and MT30. The MT14 is an indoor quality sensor, providing insight into overall air conditions to improve the comfort and safety of the workplace. It measures components such as humidity, noise levels and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). The MT30 is a smart automation button designed to streamline common tasks or trigger specific actions, such as alerting employees when a customer requests assistance or controlling office lighting to decrease energy consumption.

Both sensors will be available for order starting April 12.

Cogniac and Meraki’s partnership will also give companies access to the latest deep learning technologies, enabling users to efficiently build their own AI models. Cogniac’s no-code, cloud-based platform can identify defects from as few as 100 labeled images, its AI learns from each image it analyzes.

“At Cogniac, we are committed to bringing the power of enterprise-class AI-based visual observation and inspection to businesses, regardless of their in-house expertise,” said Vahan Tchakerian, chief partnership officer at Cogniac.

Meraki is operated by Cisco Systems, which is leveraging smart technology to identify environmental elements, such as air quality and lighting, in its buildings. Cisco Meraki also offers surveillance data that can, for instance, be combined with people count data from Wi-Fi usage.

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