Cassia Networks and World Wide Technology Partner for Greater Distribution of IoT Solutions

SAN JOSE, CA & ORLANDO, FL --- Cassia Networks enters a strategic distribution partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT). WWT provides innovative technology and supply chain solutions to large public and private organizations around the globe. This partnership enables device manufacturers and solution providers – from healthcare to education to manufacturing and more – to access Cassia Networks’ enterprise solution providing users with a cost-effective and easy way to build and deploy IoT systems.

As the creator of the world’s first Bluetooth router, which won Best of CES in 2016, Cassia Networks is the leader in solving the key challenges of wireless connectivity for both consumer and enterprise IoT markets. The enterprise suite, which earned an Innovation Award honoree title at CES this year, enables businesses to easily build, manage and deploy large scale, comprehensive IoT ecosystems while solving for the barriers of cost and interoperability.

Cassia Networks’ enterprise product suite includes three different Bluetooth router models made for both indoor and outdoor environments that connect Bluetooth enabled devices and sensors, a Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables communication between Bluetooth devices made by different manufacturers, and the Access Controller (AC) that allows the entire IoT ecosystem to be accessed and managed from a single dashboard. Together, Cassia Networks’ hardware and software platform enables businesses to build seamless IoT networks that are easy to deploy and manage. With reliability and security, Cassia can connect and perform locationing on thousands of smart devices, collect and analyze data in real time, and gives partners the power to efficiently operate and deliver customer benefits.

An award winning, hospital-based telehealth provider in the U.S. is already leveraging the Cassia partnership with WWT. The provider will use Cassia Networks’ enterprise products to remotely and securely monitor vital medical data and conditions of their at-home patients in real time. The Cassia Bluetooth router will connect a patient’s Bluetooth medical devices, automatically gathering and sending the data collected to the provider and serving as a bridge between the patients and their doctors.

Working together within the healthcare space and beyond, Cassia Networks and WWT will reach a greater audience of businesses with an enterprise IoT solution that will automate everyday processes and can be easily applied to a wide variety of industries. By automating time-consuming activities, such as data collection and locationing, the Cassia Networks enterprise suite enables businesses to run more efficiently and focus on providing better consumer experiences.

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