Cards For XMC/PMC Enable PC/CAN Communication

Cards For XMC/PMC Enable PC/CAN Communication
HMS Industrial Networks Inc.

The IXXAT CAN-IB 210/XMC and IXXAT CAN-IB 410/PMC CAN cards are suitable for use in test systems and measurement applications requiring PC to CAN communications. The XMC and PMC cards offer up to four CAN high-speed channels and support the CAN low-speed (fault tolerant) standard. Furthermore, the cards can also be extended with up to two LIN interfaces. This flexibility is made possible by a verified and tested concept consisting of piggyback extensions. As an option, all channels are available with galvanic isolation. Both feature a 32-bit microcontroller system. This enables intelligent handling and active filtering of the messages being sent and received to the card - a feature that comes in handy particularly in applications with high demands for data pre-processing. In addition, the CAN-IB cards are characterized by low latency and maximum reliability - both important points for use in test and measurement systems. All CAN-IB cards are supported by the IXXAT Windows driver packages (VCI) and by the real-time driver packages (ECI for Linux, RTX, Intime, QNX, VxWorks). HMS also offers a SocketCAN driver for use with existing tools under Linux. Higher layer protocol applications are supported by the IXXAT APIs for CANopen and SAE J1939. For analysis of CAN and LIN networks, HMS offers the IXXAT canAnalyser -a Windows-based analysis tool.

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