Art of Speed, Low-Energy & Efficient Modules from Amp'ed RF

SAN JOSE, CA -- Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology announces availability of Amp'ed RF ART6212, a Wi-Fi dual band and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) solution offering high data throughput, range, and low power consumption to help enable Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The module is configured with a Bluetooth SIG pre-certified BLE stack that speeds up the certification process.

Amp'ed RF engineered ART6212 with dual-band technology so that the Wi-Fi signal can occupy the 5 GHz band while BLE can occupy the 2.5 GHz band; addressing questions around co-existence.

Key Benefits ART6212

1.Pre-certified BLE stack.
2.Dual-Band Wi-Fi/BLE on 5GHz & 2.4GHz.
3.Auto-launch BLE to Wi-Fi code provided.
4.Amp'ed RF provides stacks or developers can use open source software.

Support for wireless devices and ART6212, speeds up both development and authentication. Amp'ed RF provides the code for BLE to auto-launch Wi-Fi for consumers.

Availability and Pricing

Development samples of the ART6212 are currently available. The cost per unit is approximately less than $10 each depending upon volume. For more details, go to

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