Antenova Offers Free Transmission Line Calculator Tool

Hatfield, UK --- Antenova Ltd., manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, offers a series of tools and resources to help product designers successfully integrate antennas onto new PCB designs, with the aim of making antenna integration simpler and faster for all designers.

First, the company is offering a free Antenna Transmission Line Calculator tool to help designers calculate the Grounded Coplanar Wave Guide trace and optimise antenna performance, based on the key parameters of a PCB design. This is available for download at:

Antenova is also offering:
• Technical data to enable faster, more successful integration of an antenna. Datasheets detail radiation patterns for each antenna and provide suggestions for PCB layouts.
• CAD and STEP footprint files for all the company’s embedded antennas on the website, for anyone to download as required.
• A series of papers containing facts about antenna performance and design tips, to help antenna selection and PCB design decisions, such as determining distances from other surfaces and ground plane sizes.
• Detailed videos covering the issues around antenna design and implementation, presented by Antenova’s own experienced design engineers.

All of Antenova’s antennas are “Designed For Integration”, i.e., the antennas are designed to perform well in situ on the PCB – and the antennas have pin markers and soldering data to make product assembly easier.

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