Antenna Delivers Improved Wi-Fi, GPS, And Cellular Performance

Antenna Delivers Improved Wi-Fi, GPS, And  Cellular Performance

The Antenna Company unveils what it is calling high performance antenna technologies and systems for a wide variety of applications including both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, connected home, mobile computing, telematics and IoT applications. Patented SuperShape technology promises to improve gain, efficiency, isolation, and coverage over conventional embedded antenna designs. As per independent benchmark tests, SuperShape antennas increase range and throughput by 50% to 100% in both line-of-sight and non-line of sight test conditions. Using a proprietary dielectric resonator design approach, the shape and size of the antennas can be tailored to meet custom performance, system integration, and/or cost requirements. For indoor Wi-Fi applications, reference designs are available for 802.11ac MIMO or multi-user MIMO system configurations ranging from 2×2 up to 8×8, delivering gigabit wireless performance. For outdoor Wi-Fi applications, SuperShape directional Wi-Fi antennas enable compact, high gain, high performance antenna arrays designed for harsh outdoor conditions. They are well suited for wireless backhaul, high density metropolitan, and stadium deployments as well as 3G/4G network offload applications. For more details, visit

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